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Our Customers

The following is a list of some of our customers and projects completed on their behalf. Our experience includes warehouse re-organization, warehouse layout, warehouse set up, warehouse design, implementation of warehouse management systems, assessment of warehouse operations and warehouse work procedures. As well, JDH provides logistics consulting services to their customers in areas of distribution network studies, inventory management, facilities assessments and distribution consulting.

CBC Radio
Facility assessment of receiving and shipping capacity for the Toronto head office. Establish loading dock capacity and ensure design of receiving and shipping area supports the most efficient flow of products.
Yamaha Music Canada
Re-design and layout of warehouse facility. Completed a warehouse opeartions analysis to determine ideal storage configurations and establish optimal material flow through the warehouse.
Fallsview Casino & Resort
Complete assessment of current warehouse and logistics operations. Logistics and warehouse consulting project to review operational productivity, analyize key supply chain metrics and assess warehouse operations and warehouse space requirements.
Irwin Toys
Implementation of PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management module. This software is used to improve inventory management and increase warehouse efficiencies.
Ornamental Mouldings
Improved distribution center design and warehouse operational procedures for their North Carolina facility. Evaluation of warehouse space requirements in order to optimize the use of manufacturing facility.
Consolidation of distribution facilities into a central distribution center. Developed new warehouse floor plans and product slotting matrix for the efficient put away and picking of inventory.
Canadian Linen & Uniform
Warehouse design and warehouse set up for new distribution center. Project mangement provided for the warehouse move and warehouse organization.
Mattel Canada
Re-design of 300,000 sq. ft. distribution center and implementation of warehouse performance standards. Developed all new warehouse floor plans, warehouse workstations and optimization of warehouse space utilization.
Transcontinental Printing
Design and implementation of radio frequency based Inventory Management System. Using bar code technology, scanning and real time inventory transaction processing, improved inventory accuracy and warehouse operations efficiency.
Black Diamond
Warehouse sizing and warehouse design for new central Distribution Center. Implementation of Warehouse Management System for improved warehouse operations and warehouse productivity.
Lego Canada
Design and implementation of warehouse price ticketing stations. Used by warehouse operations to label and affix pricing stickers for their retail customers.
Spaenaur Logo
Provided warehouse location bar code labels for inventory bin identification. Bar-coding of all warehouse locations for improved inventory management and warehouse efficiency.
Design and layout of warehouse for new inventory stores area to support the on-site maintenance department. Optimize warehouse space utilization through better storage equipment .
Diversey Lever
Distribution Center design and layout for spare parts storage and distribution. Maximized warehouse space utilization and improved flow of materials for better warehouse productivity.
Cloverdale Paint
Review of warehouse operations and design. Help identify areas for improved warehouse productivity, analysis of warehouse space requirements and assessment of distribution network.
Chapters Book Store
Distribution network study. Analysis of key distribution metrics and data to determine optimal warehouse locations. Freight cost review for various inventory distribution scenarios.
Implementation and setup of Warehouse Management Systems. Technology support provided by scanning, bar code labeling and real time radio frequency based transactions. Improved warehouse productivity and inventory management.
IMP Aerospace & Defence
Warehouse design and layout of spares parts distribution for Canadian Forces Base Trenton. Warehouse operational support for new fleet of C-130J aircraft. Warehouse startup to service aerospace mechanics.
Canada Border Services Agency
Warehouse space evaluation for national distribution center. Necessary in order to determine current and future warehouse space requirements. Review of inventory levels and purchasing procedures.
Nilfisk Advance
Layout and design for replacement parts warehouse. Implementation plan to re-organize layout based on new warehouse design parameters. Improved work procedures and warehouse productivity.
Terrafix Geosynthetics
Complete review of inventory storage requirements in order to prepare a design for new warehouse facilty. Warehouse layout considerations for key work centers and efficient material flow.
Ontario Power Generation
Warehouse Needs Statement for the new Darlington Campus Main Warehouse. Develop detail warehouse layout and design, including warehouse storage requirements and support for distribution work processes. Plan includes warehouse consolidation of various satellite inventory storage facilities. Warehouse budget for implementation and planning decisions.
Government Of Saskatchewan
Audit of Materials Management Operations at Valley View health care facility. Project scope included a complete review of warehouse logistics operating processes, purchasing procedures, inventory management, warehouse system support, distribution operations, and warehouse productivity improvements.
Environment Canada
Warehouse review and warehouse designs for the Downsview facility. Distribution operations assessment to determine a consolidated and warehouse reorganization solution to meet all warehouse and distribution management requirements. Warehouse optimization strategy to support internal department needs.
George Kelk Corporation
Layout and design of new consolidated Stores Area for manufacturing. Detailed AutoCAD drawings to allow for implementing the set up of shelving and rack storage. Design supports the efficient flow of inventory from storage to manufacturing. Improved overall warehouse space utilization.
Triumph Canada Inc.
Improved warehouse operation efficiency project for clothing company. New layout to maximize warehouse space utilization. Increase warehouse productivity by using new material handling methods and better inventory location system.
British Columbia Interior Health
Review of courier logistics for BC Interior Health care network. Establish route and service requirements to transport time sensitive lab samples from remote community sites in the BC interior to urban test centers. Distribution network analysis to determine most cost effective scenarios
York Region Logo
Set up bar coded inventory location system for new Emergency Medical Services (EMS) warehouse. Co-ordinate warehouse move plan and slotting of inventory items. Document warehouse work procedures and implement physical inventory count sheets.
Department Of Fisheries & Ocean
Space Utilization and Optimization Study for DFO warehouse facilities. Project covered improved warehouse operating procedures, better use of warehouse space, recommendations for warehouse systems support and warehouse productivity initiatives.
DUX Machinery Corporation
Develop a new warehouse layout and design in order to optimiize the efficiency and space utiliization of the Stock Room. Improve overall warehouse organization as it relates to material handling and product flow in and out of the Stock Room.
Kone Canada Inc.
Layout and design of service and maintenance elevator parts warehouse for KONE Canada. Project objectives to improve warehouse organization, optimize warehouse space and provide for better warehouse operational efficiency and material flow.
Elmira Pet Products
Space optimization of new finished goods warehouse for pet food company. AutoCAD a warehouse floor layout for pallet storage that will allow Elmira Pet Products to make the best use of available warehouse space. Design objectives include efficient flow of material in and out of the warehouse.
Union Gas Ltd.
Optimization of warehouse operations and warehouse distribution network for maintenance parts. Review warehouse procedures, inventory management, warehouse resources and warehouse space usage. Establish best warehouse practices for Union Gas spare parts warehousing support.
Public Works Canada
Design of outdoor storage facility for Public Works Canada. Provide yard storage and inventory management of construction materials for the renovation of the Canadian Parliament Buildings. Implement warehouse management work procedures.
Sotheby's Wine
Develop optimal warehouse sizing for Sotheby's Wine of New York. Provide the most appropriate warehouse design and warehouse space allocation for the distribution of auction and retail wine inventory. Improve warehouse organization and material flow.
Warehouse consulting services for Speroway. Key tasks include new warehouse design to allow Speroway to re-locate their existing warehouse operations. Also assist warehouse operational personnel in implementing new warehouse management system using radio frequency terminals, bar-coding and scanning technology.
True North Nutrition
Warehouse space optimization project for True North Nutrition. Allow the company to continue warehousing and distribution operations from their existing facilities. Identify warehouse productivity opportunities through improved warehouse systems technology and improved warehouse work procedures.
Layout and design of new consolidated warehouse for Bioriginal in Saskatoon, SK. Improve warehouse product slotting and warehouse material management for raw materials storage. Ensure the correct warehouse space allocation for staging, storage equipment, access aisles, warehouse work stations, and cross docking.
Durez Canada
Review of Warehouse Operations for plastic resin company. Main issues covered included improved warehouse space utilization for raw materials and finished goods, warehouse productivity metrics, warehouse work procedures and supply chain network.
Thomas Allen & Sons
Assessment of warehouse productivity for book distributor. Development and implementation of new warehouse layout to improve material flow and order processing times. Optimize warehouse space usage, improve product slotting and implement new warehouse storage configurations.
Siemens Canada
New consolidated warehouse layout that allows Siemens Canada to support all future warehousing and distribution requirements. Maximize the space utilization and create a warehouse design and layout that optimizes the flow of materials in and out of the distribution center
National Research Council Canada
Sizing and design of a consolidated stores facility for the National Research Council of Canada. Develop an optimal solution in order to provide for all distribution needs, support warehouse work processes, improve flow of materials in and out of the facility, and suggest ways to optimize space utilization.
P&H Milling
Improve overall warehouse space through improved layout, product slotting and alternative storage methods. Warehouse design changes to support FIFO order processing. Identify potential warehouse productivity improvements.
Global Egg Corporation
Identify all opportunities to improve current warehouse operations. Develop improved work procedures and opportunities to increase warehouse productivity. Assess technology support as it relates to warehouse work requirements.
CaTech Systems Ltd.
Propose an improved warehouse layout and design. Review storage methods, product slotting, item activity, material handling equipment, and space allocations.
Locher Evers International
Create a detailed business plan to improve public warehouse profitability. Find improved revenue through lower overhead costs, labour efficiencies and value added services.
Premium Uniforms
Develop a more efficient warehouse pick and pack operations. This included changes to product slotting, warehouse layout and work processes.
The Juice Plus Company Canada
New warehouse layout and design to improve order processing efficiency. Identify all opportunities to increase current warehouse space utilization.
Samuel Strapping Systems
New consolidated warehouse layout that allows Samuel Strapping to support all future warehousing and distribution requirements. Maximize the space utilization and create a warehouse design and layout that optimizes the flow of materials in and out of the distribution center.
Marathon Fasteners
Develop a layout and design for the setup of new warehouse. Ensure the new design meets the current and future storage and operational needs. Slot products for correct storage configurations and picking efficiencies.
Hansler Smith Ltd.
Create an improved layout and design for their Brockville warehouse. Identify all opportunities to increase current warehouse space utilization. Suggest to management improved warehouse work procedures.
Babcock Canada
Project to improve the warehouse space utilization and organization of parts warehouse for the Canadian Navy submarine fleet. Based on the recommended warehouse design changes, develop an implementation budget for management.
Plains Midstream Canada
Audit of parts warehouse for their Sarnia refining plant. Look at the existing parts distribution network and inventory storage sites. Identify any opportunities to streamline distribution and consolidate satellite warehouse sites.
Umicore Autocat Canada
Improved storage and materials processing efficiency. Assessment of the facility layout, material handling volumes, work procedures, material flow and material handling methods throughout the site. The purpose of this assessment is to provide recommendations to reduce material traffic and optimize methods of warehousing.
Ventura Foods Canada
Improved warehouse operations. Develop a new layout for the warehouse that provides efficient operational support for all manufacturing and product distribution requirements. Review the existing dock management processes and warehouse work allocation methods. Make recommendations to improve productivity in these two areas.
Nuvo Iron
Review of warehouse operations with the task of improving the warehouse design and layout so as to better support the operational requirements. Also assess the current work processes and systems support.
Zimmer Biomet
Tasked with reviewing the current warehouse space utilization, worker productivity and operating efficiencies. In addition look into the current inventory management processes to determine how that part of the business is affecting the warehouse operations and space availability.
First Air
Create a layout and design for the new Iqaluit Airport warehouse that optimizes the available space and efficiently supports all the freight processing requirements.
Review warehouse work processes. Identify opportunities to improve any relevant work procedures. Determine if the current warehouse layout effectively supports the warehouse work requirements. Identify opportunities to improve material flow and processing efficiency through improved warehouse design.
Systems Plus
Identify all opportunities to improve current warehouse design. This would include reviewing storage methods, product slotting, layout, item activity, material handling, work flow requirements, space allocations, etc. Assess technology support as it relates to warehouse work requirements.
Braun Nursery
Develop a new facility design that best supports all warehouse work processes. Slot products for correct storage configurations. Create a bin location system that will allow management to maintain inventory accuracy and implement better systems support.
Olon Industries
Create a new layout for the Georgetown facility that allows Olon Industries to consolidate 20,000 sq. ft of raw materials storage into other areas of the facility. Ensure the new facility design provides the correct allocation of space for staging, WIP, production equipment, access aisles, workstations, receiving, shipping, etc
Maple Leaf Foods
Design a new stores layout for Building 0050 that allows Maple Leaf Foods to consolidate all MRO stores into one location.
York Region District School Board
Develop a facility design that supports all warehouse storage and processing requirements for their central admin building in Newmarket. Implement optimal storage systems that will maximize the warehouse space utilization.
Welded Tube
Measure current warehouse productivity as it relates to all key logistics and processing tasks. Assess existing facility layouts as it pertains to efficient flow of materials in and out of processing areas.
Spectrum Nasco
Layout and design of consolidated distribution center. Create a solution that optimizes the flow of materials in and out of the warehouse, supports all warehouse work processes, and provides for optimal product slotting.
Design of new warehouse space. Assess all storage and operational needs in order to create a layout that best meets the current and future supply chain needs of the company.
Halton Region
Determine future warehouse space requirements for the Halton Region Public Works and Infrastructure division. Optimize space utilization of the new warehouse design to minimize cost.
Miura Canada
Improved parts warehouse layout to support the maintenance and customer service departments. Also, create a bin location strategy to best support the new inventory management system.
Improved warehouse operations. Address all concerns related to warehouse inefficiencies and warehouse space utilization.
Con Cast Pipe
Improved small parts stores layout. Ensure the correct allocation of space for staging, storage equipment, access aisles, workstations, and any secondary assembly functions.
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