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Below is a list of all our services. Click on each of them to go to their specific page. At JDH we are committed in delivering custom warehousing and logistical solutions for your business. You can also get in touch with us to design your customized solution catering towards your specific business needs.

Custom Inventory Management

JDH offers the unique service of providing your warehouse with a customized inventory management system.

Warehouse Design & Layout

In order to optimize the efficiency and space utilization of your warehouse, it is necessary to have the proper warehouse design and layout.

Logistics Consulting

JDH offers your company a wide range of warehouse consulting services as it relates to warehouse operations.

Bar Coding & Scanning

JDH provides a wide range of warehouse bar code solutions, from pre-printed warehouse inventory location ID labels to real-time printing solutions.

Warehouse Storage Systems

JDH Warehousing Systems can guide you through the various warehouse storage solutions and supply your company with the best warehouse storage options.

RF Terminals

JDH offers a wide range of hand held and truck mounted RF terminals for use in the warehouse.


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