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Blog Page – JDH Warehousing Systems

  • Principles of Material Flow for Warehousing
    Seasoned warehouse managers use the principles of material flow in the warehouse to continually assess and improve warehouse efficiencies. Material flow is a function of labour, time, and warehouse space. The following principles can serve to guide the less experienced warehouse manager in their quest to optimize material flow in […]
  • Top 10 Warehouse Safety Concerns
    Warehouse safety is an important consideration in the day to day operation of the warehouse. Although most issues that are warehouse safety related are common sense, there needs to be a formalized procedure that sets out the rules for safety standards. These rules should be monitored and enforced by a […]
  • Right Sizing Your New Warehouse
    Quite often JDH Warehousing Systems is contacted to design a warehouse solution for a company that is purchasing, building, or leasing a new warehouse facility. The first question I ask of the manager or owner is what is the size of the new warehouse? The second question is much more […]
  • E-Commerce Warehousing
    Most companies have started to allow customers to order products on-line. With e-commerce comes more business but the order profile is different than traditional channels. These are small sized orders across many different customers. For smaller to mid-size businesses it may make sense to outsource this business to a third […]
  • All SKUs Are Not Created Equal
    Most warehouses that I have worked with are challenged to store a wide variety of SKUs, all with different case sizing, pallet heights and weights. Not too many warehouses have the luxury of dealing with one standard size. Because of this situation, warehouse managers must take the time to configure […]
  • Warehouse Operations Quiz
    Take the following questionnaire to assess your warehouse operations. If you answer Yes to 15 or more questions, give yourself a pat on the back. On the other hand, if you have 10 or more No answers, there are definitely opportunities for improvements. Remember a well run warehouse saves the […]
  • Re-designing an Existing Warehouse
    Most warehouse managers are intimidated by the thought of re-designing an existing warehouse. Quite often they continue to operate from the same facility design that was implemented 10 to 15 years previously. As your business changes and grows, the warehouse must change as well. In order to develop an updated […]
  • Warehouse Product Slotting
    Warehouse product slotting is a key issue in the efficient operation of the warehouse. Where you locate the warehouse picking slots for the various product SKUs will affect warehouse travel time. Travel time (i.e. distance covered during a picking cycle) accounts for the majority of total warehouse man-hours. The most […]
  • 5 Ways to Improve Warehouse Space Utilization
    Improved warehouse space utilization is the focus of many of our consulting assignments at JDH Warehousing Systems. These are extremely important issues for a business. Inefficient use of available space can lead to bottlenecks, lost product, double handling, safety concerns, etc. In addition there are overhead costs. A lot of […]
  • How to Create a Warehouse Location System
    It is surprising how many warehouse operations run without a warehouse location system. The usual justification is ‘the guys just know where everything is’. If something isn’t where it should be, time is spent trying to locate it. Also not having a location system makes it hard for new employees […]
  • Warehouse Operations Checklist
    Warehouse Operations Checklist. Top 10 considerations for running an excellent warehouse. Safety – this will always be at the top of any warehouse operations checklist. Consideration for employee safety is paramount. Items that can be safety risk factors are material handling equipment, storage systems, loading docks, aisle widths, material handling […]
  • How to Choose a Warehouse Location
    Warehouse location selection is critical in the overall success of your business. Key criteria for the warehouse location include the following considerations. Freight costs both inbound and outbound. The location of your warehouse will have a big impact on your freight budget. Depending on the types of products you distribute, […]
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