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Take the following questionnaire to assess your warehouse operations. If you answer Yes to 15 or more questions, give yourself a pat on the back. On the other hand, if you have 10 or more No answers, there are definitely opportunities for improvements. Remember a well run warehouse saves the company money and provides excellent customer service.


20 Question Quiz – Warehouse Operations


Question Yes No
1 Are initiatives to improve warehouse efficiency regularly considered and acted on?
2 Is the receiving department properly notified in advance of all inbound shipments and customer returns?
3 Is the slotting and storage space preplanned based on the advanced receiving notices?
4 Are appropriate and efficient methods for material handling in place?
5 Is double handling of material excessive?
6 Is there a process in place to reconcile outbound shipments with the customer orders?
7 Are cycle counts (spot checks) regularly completed to audit the accuracy of inventory records?
8 Are there documented warehouse operating procedures that are current and on file?
9 Is there a current Auto CAD drawing of the warehouse layout available and in use?
10 Is the optimal storage space being utilized considering the types of products being warehoused, storage methods and material handling requirements?
11 Are the shipping and receiving staging areas properly sized so that they support the outbound/inbound work processes?
12 Is there a safety and accident prevention program in effect?
13 Are the warehouse operators properly qualified to perform their assigned functions?
14 Are there a set of operating metrics in place that can be used to monitor the performance of the warehouse?
15 Does the warehouse manager properly plan and schedule work on a daily/weekly basis?
16 Is the order cycle time (receipt of order to time of shipment) under 48 hours?
17 Is there a policy in place to monitor inventory levels (i.e. weeks of supply and inventory turns)?
18 Are the products and pick bin locations been properly located (slotted) in order to ensure efficient order processing?
19 Are the shipping errors less than 1 % of the total shipments?
20 Is the warehouse using bar coding, scanning and RF technology to support operations and inventory control?


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